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• Selling & Buying

Magsen Realty Inc. has a dedicated team of professional realtors ready to work with you for the sale of your property. Our team will first evaluate your property, and once a list price is established, our Realtors will market your property and find the qualified buyer for your home efficiently to get your home sold for the best price and in a timely manner.

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Maurice Yu – Managing Broker
604-872-3218 ext. 288

• Property Management

Magsen Realty Inc. can help owners make the smartest move for the best return. Magsen Realty Inc. has been a dedicated and experienced provider in rental management for over 10 years. Our qualified staff will ensure your peace of mind with your valued investment regardless of where you are.

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Stella Chan – Office Manager
604-872-3218 ext. 281

• Brokerage for Agents

The professional realtors of Magsen Realty Inc., with advanced online and offline marketing programs, will help clients find the most desirable homes or investment properties. Call or e-mail us with any questions you may have about buying or selling a property in the area.

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Richard Cheung – Managing Broker
604-872-3218 ext. 333


Rental management services will be provided by MAGSEN PRO REALTY, an affiliated company of MAGSEN REALTY INC. incorporated in B.C. Canada and licensed by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia.

Having been in business for 29 years, we had gained in-depth experience and knowledge in rental management for both residential and commercial properties. We are familiar with the Residential Tenancy Act of BC and Commercial Tenancy Act of BC. Our success is built on professionalism and trust from local and overseas clients who keep referring new clients to us.


1. Research On Rental Market

We will check on the rental market status every day. Once appointed, we will evaluate the property and suggest the probable rental rate or lease of the property to landlord.

2. Finding qualified tenants

We will advertise the property for rent in effective media, show property to prospective tenants, conduct credit check on applicants, and sign tenancy agreement on landlord’s behalf.

3. Management

Magsen Rental Managers will collect rent from tenant, conduct regular inspection, ensure property is adequately insured, arrange repair /maintenance, and attend dispute hearing for Landlord.

4. Rental Income & Expense Report

Magsen accounting department will send rental income and expense statement to landlord on a monthly basis, and a final statement at the end of each calendar year for tax filing by landlord.

5. Inspection

Magsen managers will conduct move-in & move-out inspections with tenant, to ensure the property is being maintained and kept in good conditions at the end of the tenancy.


Our fees for finding tenants, managing residential and commercial properties, renewing tenancy agreement and lease, arranging repairs, assisting tax filing, conducting routine inspection, attending arbitration etc. are very reasonable.


In Magsen Pro, we have experienced and diligent staff consisting of managing broker, office manager, licensed property managers, management assistants, accountant, and accounting assistant managing hundreds of rental properties ranging from single houses to townhouses, high rise condo units, commercial and industrial stores, etc. All our staff members can speak fluent English and Chinese both Cantonese and Mandarin.

For detailed information, please contact us at (604)872-3218